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The Story of Ninth Gate.

Were do we begin? Well a long time ago there were a rogue by the name of Haddock and a warlock by the name of Azeara. They were members of the legendary guild Ace of Spades on the EU server Burning Legion. One day they decided to create an alt guild by the name of Ninth Gate. All this happened spring 2005. A short time after this Haddock got tired of playing WoW. A couple of months later Haddock returns to the World Of Warcraft and Ace of Spades. How ever he think’s that they have advanced to far and doesn’t find the rogue to attractive to play anymore. So he decides to play the hunter Specicus leader of Ninth Gate. Around the same time 2 other guilds splits on Burning Legion and IRL friends of Haddock decides to join up with him. We have Nergath the fearsome rogue, the gimped druid Mammoth, the warrior’s rage sYph, MoxZ (Taiho shammy at the time.) the simple healer priest and Azearas alt shammy Gwyn. There were some other IRL friends of haddock to like sCaz, Thunder and probably someone I forgot. Around this time when all of this happened we were around lvl 40ish and were running Scarlet Monastary (SM). In SM we found the priest Crust and the hunter Soeren.

Specicus, Nergath, Mammoth, Crust and Soeren became the leaders of Ninth Gate and started to recruit other Swedish members. Around lvl 50ish we merged with Generation, at least what was left of it. Now we got some important people like Cloudhunt, Laraveth and many more. We all went for 60 but had trouble finding more people. One day we stumbled across this funny troll warrior called Superstes and his gang Ihålig, Groolkaz trough the mage Tuvelid. Superstes became our main tank and he did it with pride. This was around the time Stratholm was a 15 people raid and ZG was pretty new to the world. After some time another guild called Clan Rejected went separate ways and a friend of Haddock called Asdrubaal joined up with a lot of his friends called the GBG clan. With the GBG clan and some new recruits we were ready for the big adventure.

On the 16th of april 2006 Nitnth Gate did the first real attempt on Molten Core and downed the 3 first bosses. The 25th of June 2006 we killed Ragnaros for the first time. On the 17th of July 06 we did our first real attempt in BWL and downed the first boss. We kept on in BWL and made it all the way to Nefarian. Sadly the guild never made it trough him because of internal conflictions and people started to leave every day. We changed the whole management of Ninth Gate and tried to save the sinking ship. Unfortunately the ship had already sunken to deep and shortly after we declared the guild dead.

Some people migrated to Jaedenar and are now playing in Never Apart and are currently rising in levels to become 70. Specicus has started a new guild called Trucido with many old members from NG. The GBG clan went to their alt guild Punsiher.

We had a lot of fun with Ninth Gate and everyone who has been a member of NG will never forget it and will always be proud to have been a member. The most important thing of NG was that most people became very close internet buddies and some even became new IRL friends.

Some members of NG.

Smelly aka Smerof

All the ones I haven’t mentioned some were in the text above

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